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Gluteoplasty in Bogota, For The Curves You Have Always Desired

Women and men, both desire firm, round buttocks that make them feel confident and happy in their skin. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with their desired curves. For them, we recommend Gluteoplasty or BBL surgery Bogota. Gluteoplasty is a form of cosmetic body surgery used to enhance the figure and shape of the buttocks. Most clients are happy with the procedure’s results since it is 100% personalized. You can further choose to opt for our Butt Implant or our Gluteal Lipoinjection procedure.

Dr. Mauricio Serrano is one of the leading cosmetic plastic surgeons in Colombia. For over 24 years, he has been helping women and men achieve their desired curves and body contours through his professional expertise. Rely on him for your Gluteoplasty!

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Dr. Mauricio Serrano, an accomplished plastic surgeon with over 24 years of professional experience, is your best bet at achieving your desired look! He is the best BBL surgeon in Colombia.

What Is Gluteoplasty or BBL Colombia?

A Gluteoplasty, also known as a buttock lift surgery, is designed to improve the buttocks’ shape, size and contour through implants or gluteal prosthesis.

However, for those who are not complacent with implants, a Gluteal Lipotransferencia or Lipo-injection is recommended. This procedure will extract excess fat from targeted areas of the body through liposuction and place it inside other desirable areas, such as the buttocks, to increase their volume and shape.

Typically, Gluteal Lipotransference is recommended for those with excess body fat that they wish to remove. Butt implants are recommended for individuals who have a lower body mass index. Our final procedure will depend on your unique requirements and expectations.

For Whom Is Buttock Augmentation Surgery Recommended?

BBL surgery Colombia is recommended for individuals who feel conscious about the appearance of their buttocks or are not happy with their shape or size.

    • It is a highly effective body procedure for individuals with flat or small buttocks, either genetically, as a result of aging or due to massive weight loss.
    • A BBL surgery is recommended for patients with congenital malformation around the buttocks or those who have experienced a gluteal injury.
    • Both men and women of legal age can opt for this surgery so long as they hold realistic expectations and are physically healthy.

Gluteoplasty Before and After

Wondering what the results of this procedure may look like? Take a look at some previous BBL Colombia procedures performed at our clinic by the exceptionally skilled Dr. Mauricio Serrano, one of the best plastic surgeons in Colombia. All images are presented as are, without any modifications and with the consent of our patients.

The Gluteoplasty Procedure

There are two techniques for BBL in Colombia offered at our clinic. Your choice of surgery will depend on your desired results, gender, physical health and other aspects.

For reshaping, we use Liposuction, a technique that extracts fat from the skin’s subcutaneous layers, leaving a more contoured, defined shape. The extracted fat is transferred into areas that lack volume and curves.

If you wish for a butt-lift with implants, we will place the implants under the muscle. This surgery will give you natural-looking results and make the scarring between the two buttocks unnoticeable.

For others, a Brazilian butt lift Colombia may combine liposuction with gluteal prosthesis. This approach will not only increase the buttocks’ volume through implants but will also enhance your body contour, providing harmonious, rounder buttocks.

Benefits of Gluteoplasty

The most common benefit of Buttock augmentation is being able to achieve your desired body shape and curves while also improving the psychological well-being of those who are conscious of their body. Here is a closer look at how a Colombian BBL procedure may benefit you:

  • It increases the buttocks’ volume and curves while providing a toned appearance.
  • A BBL surgery provides a smoother, even appearance of the skin.
  • It delivers overall body harmony and improves body contour.
  • Buttock augmentation boosts your self-esteem and self-love.
  • The scarring is generally imperceptible.
  • This is a safe, highly recommended procedure.
  • It provides immediate and long-lasting results.

Postoperative Gluteoplasty

  • For the first few hours, you may feel tightness and moderate pain around the surgical site that may last up to 72 hours. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe analgesics to counter this pain.
  • Post-surgery, the patient is recommended to try walking around.
  • Adhere to the antibiotic and analgesic medications preserved to you by your surgeon until he asks you not to.
  • For the first two weeks, ensure complete bed rest. For the first 5 days, avoid sitting or sleeping on your backside.
  • Avoid any laborious activity or exercise for a month and a half.
  • Your surgeon will provide you with a compression garment to be worn for up to 2 months after your BBL Bogota procedure.
  • Do not get your scar wet and avoid removing the gauze and dressings until your medical examination.
  • Avoid smoking for the first 3 weeks before and after your surgery.

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